Friendly Locksmith Testimonials

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Vik Z.
    San Leandro, CA

    Roy was awesome! I called in the morning, expecting to have to make an appointment for another day, but he said he'd be there within an hour...and he was! He did a great job at a VERY reasonable price! Thank you Roy.

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Cassie G.
    Oakland, CA

    Very helpful fast and got the job dorm after hearing another locksmith saying they couldn't do the job he did it with no problem!

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith A L.
    San Jose, CA

    Very friendly and professional. I called few Locksmith in Union City CA for re-keying after a tenant moved out. It's a Saturday, not every Locksmith answered my calls. Out of the two who did, Friendly Locksmith gave me the better quote. I made an appointment over the phone with him and he showed up on time while I was the one being late. He waited until I arrived and checked my ID, then got to work right away. And he did a great job! I have already booked him to re-key another unit next week. Highly recommended.

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Clare M.
    San Francisco, CA

    He arrived in 15 minutes and had the door open in an instant. More importantly, in a moment where I needed a little kindness, he reminded me that even though I got locked out, that tomorrow would be a new day. A smile and a great attitude went a long way.

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Ludmila A.
    San Lorenzo, CA

    Service was prompt, and the owner was courteous and very friendly. I called and they were there within minutes, I highly recommend their services. I recommend them to anyone who needs locksmith services as they are very reliable and will be there whenever you need them. In a time of need, they are are ones to call!!

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Nadiia F.
    Hayward, CA

    Roy from friendly locksmith was great! I was locked of the house and needed a locksmith to break in the house and then change the lock. I called Roy and he said he'd be there within an hour...and he was there within 30 minutes or less! He did a great job at a reasonable price! Highly recommended...He is truly a friendly locksmith!

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Daniel B.
    Oakland, CA

    Fastest customer service for locksmiths. They treat every case as an emergency. They came over 10 mins after talking to them. Got locked out of my car last week and they were able to unlock my car for me without any damage. So kudos to these guys for being awesome!

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith David D.
    Oakland, CA

    Avi was awesome! Very professional and considerate. When I called, they were all booked up for the hour, I explained my situation and offered $60 more than their cost, they sent a tech and only charged me regular price! Thank you guys!

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Cori R.
    Fremont, CA

    Wow, wow, wow. Roy Gersberg is literally superman. Roy Gersberg is the most amazing locksmith I have ever met! My girlfriend and I were stuck with a key that didn't turn in my Ford Focus ignition. He came quickly to the rescue and worked out our troubles. We had no idea why the car wouldn't start and he patiently explained the issue (we aren't car-Savvy so he broke it down for us) and programmed 2 new keys for us - even made us a spare! Anytime you need a locksmith for anything, Roy is your guy! Wish I could give him 20 stars!!!!! Thanks Roy!!!!!

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith David B.
    San Leandro, CA

    wow! i called and was able to get a quote over the phone to change a lock (e-mailed some pictures of the lock for accurate estimate). the price was reasonable, the service was prompt, polite and efficient i will defiantly use them again!

  • testimonials sunsine locksmith Kathy T.
    San Jose, CA

    Roy is a great guy! a life saver too! He came very quickly and it didn't take him too long. He's a very nice guy and I would highly recommend him to anyone that need a locksmith.